Today, we are proudly presenting a brand new & shining release of chaos: version 0.3.0

The full set of changes is more carefully described at the GitHub release page; this blog post will highlight some of the things mentioned there a bit further.

A working mod player

Here is what it looks like in action:

Video of the modplayer playing some music

(The screenshot is based on a slightly older version of the modplayer than the final one; we decided to add a few more modules while we were at it, so the list in the published version contains ten different modules instead of just five. The full list of modules can be found here:

Starting the modplayer is easy: download the .iso from the GitHub release page linked above, create a virtual machine (make sure that SB16 sound is active) and set this .iso as the virtualized CD/DVD drive. Boot the system and type modplay at the command line.

If all goes well, you should now be listening to the classic axel f song. :smile: Enjoy!

If you run into any kind of issues, please report them at our GitHub issues page.